Camping in Iceland

Camping in Iceland! With summer in full swing, I thought that I’d share some pics from a recent camping adventure in Iceland. Iceland truly is an amazing place to pitch a tent and take in the other worldly natural beauty. Camping is a great way to save on costs and not have to be tied down by planned reservations. You can rent a car, spend your days freely exploring and simply bed down for the night wherever you find yourself at the end of the day. In my opinion, camping is the way to go when exporting this wonderful country.

Note that camping is legal pretty much everywhere however you should respect the privacy of landowners & posted signs. It is also super important to be mindful of your impact on the landscape and take steps to ensure that you never disrupt the land.  With the popularity of travel in Iceland at an all time high, it is important for all of us to be responsible tourists so as to ensure that the natural beauty of this truly special land be maintained.

The weather in the summer is generally perfect for camping however rain and wind can make their appearance so be sure to include suitable gear. If you have camped before, you know the challenge of darkness however one awesome aspect of summer camping in Iceland is the fact that the summer sun never fully sets. This allows you to never have to bed down out of boredom due to darkness. It’s awesome!

If you are thinking about visiting one of my favorite countries, consider bringing a tent and freely exploring this wonderful land!