Hiking in New Zealand

Most everyone is well aware of the potential for epic hikes in New Zealand. I had the opportunity to road trip this beautiful country in a camper van and can say that the hiking in New Zealand is…AMAZING!


new zealand hiking

One of my goals exploring New Zealand was to visit Mt. Cook. The drive in to the Mt.Cook/Aoraki National Park takes you along one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, Lake Pukaki. I was excited to see this lake after seeing photos and the teal blue water evident on google earth. I was not disappointed.

Lake Pukaki Georg Papp

The beautiful shimmering teal blue water of Lake Pukaki

At the end of the road lies the White Horse Hill Campsite.  This campground serves as the start to the Hooker Valley Track.  The Hooker Valley track is a relatively easy hike taking you through the stunning Hooker Vally to the base of Mt.Cook. I departed the campsite at dawn and had the entire valley to myself. This is one of the most photographed landscapes in New Zealand and for good reason. The Hooker Valley Track is a must do hike and you won’t be disappointed!

The coastal regions of New Zealand also offer some incredible hikes. Like the mountains, the beaches are some of the best in the world. There are so many hidden gems just waiting for you to explore. All along the south east coast are opportunities to stop, get out of your car and discover a piece of paradise. While in Oamaru, I decided to just walk down a path and happened upon one of my favorite beaches int he world. A sea lion greeted me in this secluded cove and I sat for hours just taking it all in.
This is just one example of what seems like an infinite number of beach hikes that await discovery.

Beach Hike New Zealand Georg Papp

All in all, I can say that if you enjoy hiking, New Zealand is a must stop on your travel bucket list!
Cheers to enriching travels!