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Getting Paid to Travel: Guidance for Travel Sponsorships

Let’s face it: Everyone wants to get paid to travel.
The world is full of aspiring travel bloggers who strive to utilize their influence as a means of financially supporting their adventures.
Travel sponsorships are one way that bloggers can utilize their influence to finance their travels.  There are however some very important considerations that travel bloggers seeking sponsorships need to consider.
Here are seven essential considerations for travel bloggers seeking to obtain travel sponsorships:

There is no such thing as ‘Free Travel’:
Nobody is going to pay for you to travel around the world simply because you are you. There are a surprisingly high number of travel bloggers and self-proclaimed ‘influencers’ who approach their endeavors with a, “Look at how awesome I am! Pay for my trip!” attitude.
If you want to be successful, you need to approach your travel sponsorships with a, “Look at how awesome I am at understanding your needs and delivering a measurable return on your investment!”. You must be prepared to work and invest effort in delivering value to your customer.

Treat your travel sponsorship endeavors as a business: Every business needs a product that is valuable to a paying customer. Your product is the delivery of a return on investment to a sponsoring travel company. It is important to take some time and establish your specific product and how this product delivers value to your sponsoring partner. Remember that your product should deliver a measurable value.

Identify your customer’s needs: Each of your individual sponsoring partners may have different goals. Take time to research the individual end game goals of the companies you seek to work with. Travel sponsorship shouldn’t be a one size fits all endeavor. A small boutique resort will likely have a different objective than a large airline or tourism board. Understanding your customer’s goals will allow you to focus your campaigns and deliver a positive experience.

Separate yourself from the crowd: Travel bloggers and influencers are a dime a dozen. Travel bloggers and influencers who deliver measurable value to sponsoring companies, those are a rarity. When approaching and working with companies, clearly communicate your commitment to providing best in class value and your desire to ensure the delivery of a measurable return on their investment.

Identify and counter promote your weakness: Follower and viewership metrics are still considered important by sponsoring partners. These metrics are also a common barrier for inspiring travel bloggers and influencers seeking sponsorships. Understand however that followers and viewership can be bought. Companies are catching on to the games that influencers play to drive up their metrics creating false illusions of marketable influence.
This introduces an opportunity to promote your unique value. You may have a small, but very loyal audience composed of passionate travel consumers who are receptive and loyal to your guidance. Clearly communicating the value of your following can turn a perceived weakness into a strength.

Obtain Testimonials: Testimonials are tremendously valuable and can be used to validate your service. If you are new to travel sponsorships, consider working with small and/or local travel businesses with the goal of obtaining a positive review of your service.

Never stop Learning: Remember again that you are a business. Good, sustainable businesses never stop learning and utilize their experiences to adapt and grow. You will at some point experience rejection and failure. Understand that failure can be a tremendously valuable opportunity to identify areas of your business that require fixing. Invest time to regularly assess what is and isn’t working. Adapt and strive to continue forward knowing with each failure, comes the opportunity to improve upon your success.



travel sponsorship Grateful for the opportunities to have traveled and experienced all corners of the world, Georg enjoys sharing his knowledge with the goal of enabling others to obtain success in their individual travel endeavors.
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